10 Easy Ways to Recharge Your Soul

10 Easy Ways to Recharge your Soul

Sometimes we start feeling blue and down for a whole bunch of reasons. It is easy to fall into the  ‘discouragement trap’ but there are quick and effective fixes that you can do right away to recharge your soul and uplift your spirit.

Eat what nourishes your body. Do what nourishes your soul. Think what nourishes your mind.- Unknown


1. Exercise

By exercising, you increase blood circulation which improves oxygen in the blood flow. It is good for your heart, boosts energy and happiness levels, improves your mood and self-esteem. You will also experience a sense of achievement, which will also boost your self-confidence. If you think you don’t have time to exercise, I created a mini yoga sequence you can do in 5 minutes at your desk.

2. Nature

Take a walk in nature, walk barefoot and feel the grass or the sand in between your toes; it’s the best way to connect with the Earth and receive Her energy. Hugging a tree, feeling the wind on your face, smelling flowers, observing the moving clouds are also a powerful way of being present in Nature.

3. Meditate

Pause for a moment, sit, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Bring your awareness to the present, to the here and now and listen to the little voice deep in your heart. Notice how you feel without judging it. If you think you don’t have the time, even a 3-minute breathing exercise can completely change your mood.

4. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine so call a funny friend, watch a funny video, hang out with your little ones and enjoy the happiness it brings you, noticing how your mood improves, as you laugh.

5. Be creative

Being creative allows us to connect with our inner child and express our Soul. Maybe you have a painting or a sewing project tossed aside? Now is the time to get it out and work on it without pressure or expectations. Simply enjoy the process and let your inspiration and creativity flow.

6. A healthy meal

Eating organic and healthy food does wonders to your body, mind and soul. Nourishing you from the inside, it will make your body feel good, which will then reflect on your mental space.

7. A good night sleep

Sleep is the most restorative practice. It benefits your heart, brain and mind. So, listen to your body; when you feel your eyes getting heavy, don’t fight it, go to bed. See if you can go to bed earlier than your usual bed time. Turn your phone and the WiFi off , grab your favourite book, turn on the Himalayan salt lamp and enjoy your happy dreams.

8. Alone Time

Spending time alone allows you to reflect quietly and not be interrupted. I find it essential to spend some time alone everyday, especially if you are an empath and highly sensitive to other people’s energy. Enjoy your own company and make sure to say no to social commitments when you have already scheduled ‘me-time’ for yourself. You will feel empowered.

9. Develop a spiritual relationship

Invest in yourself and investigate what you love doing, what makes your heart sing. Explore your life purpose. Cultivate self-love. Connecting with ourselves on a deeper level help us tap into our intuition, our True Self. Maybe meditating or praying is helping you connect with yourself? You will become more grounded, peaceful and aware.

10. Volunteering

By serving others and practising karma yoga (meaning self-less action), we accomplish something nice for others and that makes us happy, as we feel really good about it.



Do something crazy! Get out of your comfort zone. Is there something that seems a bit scary but that you would love to do? Sometimes, doing what scares us the most is extremely liberating and it supports your soul’s growth.


What are your favourite ways to recharge your soul? What do you choose to do to nourish your soul today? I would love to hear about what works for you.


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