10 Ways to Put a Spring in Your Step

10 ways to put a spring in your step

Spring is finally here, in the southern hemisphere! Birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, days are getting longer and warmer. A new cycle begins! Are you feeling the blooming energy too or are you feeling like you need a boost to renew your energy and put a spring in your step?

Spring is a season of transformation, rebirth and new beginnings. It is a time to express the reflections you have been contemplating throughout winter. It is a time to get active, to create your dreams and to expand outwards!

Here are 10 ways to help you build up energy and feel happy:

  1. Spring Cleaning

Now is an excellent time to get rid of old clothes, books, or furniture you are not using or that have a stagnant energy feel. Give them away to friends or charities. Start with your kitchen or closet and do one room at a time, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. The idea is to release the old in order to make room to receive the new and welcome new energy.


  1. Redecorate

You don’t have to change many things but a small change here or there can bring a breath of fresh air to your surroundings. Fresh flowers, moving furniture around, art on the wall (great ideas and inspiration from my lovely friend Charlie at Moments by Charlie), or changing the colour of your cushions can support that sense of renewal.


  1. Outdoor exercise

Walks in nature, yoga, tai chi, or running outdoors is a great way to breathe fresh air, be in touch with the burgeoning nature, clearing you head and airing your lungs. A sort of inner spring cleaning for the mind and body. Even if you are simply reading a book in a park or walking on a beach, the fresh air will do wonders.


  1. Gather your friends

A nice catch up with lovely and supportive friends, sharing your plans and projects and getting the loving support you need will definitely help you blossom into the new season.


  1. Tend to your needs

What have you been longing to do all winter? A float, a massage, gardening, a weekend away? Close your eyes, take a few breaths and ask yourself: ‘What am I feeling?’ and ‘What do I need?’ Allow for your inner wisdom and body to communicate with you. Follow your gut feeling or first impression and do what it tells you.


  1. Get plenty of sleep

Go to bed a tad earlier and allow for a good 8-hour night sleep, depending on your physiology. A restorative night sleep will recharge your body, rest your brain, and you will wake up feeling energized and motivated. If you have issue sleeping, read this post 13 Tips to Help You Sleep.


  1. Look for new opportunities

Set your intention for the new season and keep an open mind as to how it could manifest in your life. Start volunteering, or say out loud what you truly want, and take action towards your goal! Change your perspective and allow for new opportunities and encounters to come into your life.


  1. Plan a vacation,

a weekend getaway or a course you want to do. Planning something in advance gives you something to look forward to and activates the fun vibration, thus raising your overall vibration. Is there a craft or a language you want to learn? Is there a country or a city you really want to visit but you keep postponing? Plan that trip now!


  1. Get offline

Leave your phone aside for an afternoon, a day or a weekend. Ditch the technology for a moment and take that time to connect with yourself and your loved ones instead. A short meditation, a treat, reading a good book, time spent with friends or family will nourish your soul and support your energy levels.


  1. Eat healthy

Spring is great for fresh fruits like citrus, mandarins, berries, and vegetables like asparagus and spinach. Put some colours in your plate and eat local. Juicing will help you get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Eat nutritious food to nourish your body, brain and bump up your energy levels.


I’m curious: What are your go-to ways of renewing and revitalising for the new season? Leave a comment below!



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