8 Things I am loving at the moment- My Spring


Spring is well on its way and it is pure happiness! Feeling the warmth and the energy of the sun has been truly uplifting.  Besides the weather transformations, our lifes are also being transformed, as Spring is the season of metamorphosis and renewal. There is a lot of energy shifting and many transitions are being made; it is the season of new beginnings. Lately, I have been feeling like a caterpillar in its chrysalis. From the outside of the chrysalis, it looks as if the caterpillar is simply resting, but the inside is where all of the action is. I wanted to share with you a few things that I am loving at the moment.


  1. At this time of the year in beautiful Norway, the days are much longer and the sun sets around 11pm. It makes me feel like it is holidays and gives me plenty of time to enjoy spring outside and recharge my batteries. What a lovely feeling!

photo(7)Sunset from my balcony.


2.  One of my morning rituals: oil pulling. I feel ‘cleaner’ afterwards. You can read more on oil pulling here.


3.  The song Three Bells by The Browns. I am listening to it a lot and I am trying to do the harmonies too but it is not working out very well…


4.  Baking cakes and trying new recipes. Recently I made a chocolate and hazelnuts pie with raspberries and blueberries. It was so delicious! The next one I am baking is a banana/peacan nuts/coconut pie (I will keep you posted…).

choc cakeChocolate and hazelnuts pie with raspberries and blueberries.

5.  I have a rose tree that is finally blossoming! There is one beautiful rose and that fills my  heart with joy. It is so pretty!

photo(8)The pretty rose blossoming.


6. My Mindfulness meditation teacher training course is allowing me to go to places deep inside so that I can heal some things that needed to be addressed. We are doing some ‘shadow work’ at the moment. This process is demanding and sometimes hard but what a great thing to do! I have let go off past burdens and I feel more focused now on what I want to do: I can make more room for the future awesomeness that the Universe is sending me!


7. I feel that my creativity is coming back! I am starting The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron where I left it a few months ago. I had already processed quite a few concepts and completed the self-introspection exercises but it was starting to be too much. Last week, I felt called to the bookshelf to pick it up and to keep on reading. It also feels really good to get back to the Morning Pages ritual.

Artist's way


8. My yoga class. It took me a few months of trying different schools, different teachers and different classes in order to find the right one for me. A few weeks ago, I finally found a lovely community and a truly inspiring teacher.


I am very grateful for the beautiful life I am experiencing at the moment. It feels like everything is falling into place. I am exploring everything that comes to me. It feels good. I have trust in the Universe and in myself!

These last few days have taught me that with a bit of faith in yourself and in what you can create, you can accomplish wonders. By not being too harsh on yourself, by enjoying every little experience in your life, by allowing and welcoming those experiences in your life, it all creates massive changes and transformations. Everything truly becomes possible. And if you surround yourself with inspiring and supporting people, that is a sweet bonus.


What are you loving at the moment?


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