An Exercise for Creating Positive Emotions

Creating positive emotions

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Have you been feeling blue, tired, uninspired or you have lost your motivation to do even the things you love? Are you feeling overwhelmed and behind schedule? Then you will like this exercise aiming at focusing and developing positive emotions. So, let’s kick away this blues!

Here is a very efficient creative exercise to choose a positive emotion you want to focus on. All you have to do to attract more of it in your life, is to simply create your positivity portfolio!


1. Choose an emotion from the following list: JOY- HOPE- INSPIRATION- LOVE- GRATITUDE- SERENITY- INTEREST- PRIDE- AMUSEMENT- AWE. You may already have in mind another positive emotion you would like to focus on and that’s great; use that one.

2.  Reflect on the situations, people and/or objects that serve as triggers of that emotion for you.

3. Gather objects or mementos that nurture the heartfelt connection to the emotion you have chosen for a whole week. You can make a portfolio, a journal, a scrapbook or a folder on your computer. You can also collect the objects and little things in a shoe box that you paint or decorate, or you can build a shrine. Your collection may contain anything you like (photos, letters, quotes, nips, souvenirs and so on).

As this exercise is about consciously cultivating a positive emotion, your task for the following week is to find one thing, for example an event, comment, moment…that makes you feel that emotion during your daily life.


The goal is to create personalised triggers that revive your heart with positivity each time you engage with them. So when you feel sad, devalued or ignored, go back to your portfolio to remind you of the happy positive emotion, engage with it mindfully and with an open heart.


By mindfully focusing on the positive emotions in your life, the exercise will become easier and easier, it will become a habit. All it takes is a change of perspective – a change of mindset.


To give you some ideas, have a look at my posts on practising gratitude and on self-love, especially if you choose to focus on those ones.

Take your time and enjoy the process!


(Original exercise created by Barbara Frederickston, North Carolina University)



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