Combining the profound contemplative aspect of a yin yoga practice and the free flow of subconscious wisdom that journaling procures, I’m delighted to accompany you on this insightful journey.

Join Nadege for a 2.5 hour exploratory inner journey to find the answers deep in your heart. We will unveil the obstacles to your blossoming and support you to realign with your Higher Self and consciously embody your dharma (your truest self, your profound calling.)

This extended practice is an opportunity to bask in a serene atmosphere where you can feel supported and guided to turn within. If you want to connect with your inner wisdom and find clarity around the path of action moving forward into your life – this is for you!

The evening includes pranayama, meditation, Yin Yoga, coaching techniques, and journaling prompts designed to expand your introspection and support you to reflect on the insights you receive.

Let’s connect on a deeper level within and support you to unfold into the highest expression of your being.

Bring your favourite journal and a pen.

WHEN Saturday 22nd June 7-9.30pm

WHERE The Retreat Yoga

BOOKING The Retreat Yoga $55



An Extended Yin Practice


It is believed that by harmonizing oneself with the seasons, you can stay healthier and prevent dis-ease. In winter months, nature is still, quiet, lying dormant, and animals are hibernating to replenish their energy. It is a time where we are encouraged to slow down, rest, restore and look within, planting the seed we wish to see blooming in spring.

Join Nadege for a slow and nurturing 2-hour winter-themed extended practice incorporating a restorative yin sequence and a short guided meditation. We will cultivate your energy levels and stimulate your immune system to support you through winter and feel nourished from the inside out.

A beautiful connection for body, mind and heart.

WHEN Sunday 30th June 3-5pm

WHERE Xtend Barre Hawthorn Studio, Level 1/823 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne

BOOKING via Mind Body app by clicking here




Come on a contemplative journey to deeply relax your body, calm your mind, inspire your soul, and access your inner wisdom.

Yin Yoga is a gentle and slow-paced form of yoga with floor-based and longer held postures. It is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary elements. Yin Yoga targets deep connective tissue such as fascia, ligaments, bones and joints. A Yin Yoga practice helps you release physical tension and tightness, as well as diffuse stagnant energy and harmonise chi flow in the body.

We cultivate mind awareness and find peace in stillness by weaving through breath and Mindfulness techniques to make the class a deeply nurturing and meditative practice.

It is a practice suitable for beginners and an excellent complement to a yang practice targeting muscles.


  • Leave feeling relaxed, at ease and rejuvenated
  • Learn the principles of a Yin Yoga practice
  • Develop skills to listen better to the wisdom of your body
  • Create space and experience a greater range of movement through the joints
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques that may stay with you for life
  • Experience the peace of stillness
  • See and experience yourself differently
  • Sleep better, have more energy, feel stronger and more flexible
  • Deepen your inner journey with this meditative practice
WHEN  Thursday  7.30-8.30pm
VENUE Xtend Barre Hawthorn Studio

Level 1/823 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne


BOOKING (limited spaces)

Xtend Barre Hawthorn Studio and via Mind Body app




Looking forward to seeing you there! Come with a friend!



Absolutely loving Yin Yoga and the new compassionate language I am learning, definitely a life changing experience – Tej


Loved my yin yoga session tonight. Feeling more flexible and enlightened and thankful. Thank you Nadege. – Frances


Had my first yin yoga experience tonight, was fabulous. Great was to relax after a busy day & week, ready for the weekend. -Rebecca



Come practise with me at The Retreat Yoga, 184 Through Road in Camberwell and an excellent team of teachers.

Thursday 11am: Gentle Hatha Yoga 
Saturday 3pm: Align Flow
Saturday 4.30pm: Yin 
Sunday 8am: Slow Flow
Sunday 9.30 am: Flow

Intro offer: 2 weeks unlimited $25 (Booking via their website)





Come practise with me at Seed Yoga+Wellness, 1A Salisbury Avenue, Laburnum Village in Blackburn VIC 3130, a wonderful studio with a lovely team of knowledgeable physios and PT.

Wednesdays 10.45am Yin Yoga


Intro offer: Unlimited yoga for 30 days for $50 (Booking via their website)






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