Inner Journey Session

Life and Happiness Coaching

I serve wisdom and truth seekers who want to access their true self within.

I help you find your own answers and know yourself better so that you can experience the personal and spiritual growth that you desire.

I support women (and some men too) who:

  • are stuck in a rut, feel overwhelmed, confused and indecisive
  • want to investigate their life purpose
  • feel like they don’t belong
  • are at a crossroads in their life and need guidance, clarity and direction
  • wish to connect with their own way to personal and spiritual development
  • attend to others’ needs so much that they forget about themselves and their wellbeing
  • feel disconnected from themselves
  • want to live more purposefully, meaningfully and authentically


I love supporting and guiding you through to connect more deeply with your inner self more easily than the 15+ years it took me to find peace and a sense of belonging within myself.


I use Yoga, Mindfulness, Intuition and the Akashic registers to listen carefully and compassionately to guide you and hold the space for you to connect with your inner essence so that you can:

  • Come home to your true Self
  • Find clarity on your current situation and the next steps
  • Develop greater awareness, mindfulness and happiness within yourself
  • Develop confidence within
  • Cultivate self-love and self-care
  • Take purposeful action to unleash your potential and bring about the transformation you dream of
  • Experience renewed joy and inspiration
  • Bring your heart and mind together to let your soul shine


An Inner Journey Session includes a 60-min online session + 2 weeks of email support (AUD$120)


My promise to you

  • I do not judge you and I keep everything you say and write confidential
  • I will be fully prepared, present and committed to you during our sessions. I invite you to offer yourself the same to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our time together.


If you are interested in working together schedule a complimentary 20-min Inner Gaze Session with me by clicking the button below. Let’s get clear about why you really want a deeper connection with yourself right now, and discern the best ways you can access your answers and inner wisdom.


Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready!






Nadège was a complete delight and breath of fresh air to speak with. She helped me realize that by cultivating a personal, sacred space that allows me to explore the inner workings of my depths, I allow myself to just be who I am and experience joy. The wisdom and loving-kindness Nadège saw in me, highlighted how much I am shrinking and not letting my greatness shine.  It was truly eye-opening. For the past week since having spoken with Nadège, each day I have been able to communicate my wisdom, and explore the depths and capacity of my joy more and more. I have had some of my most productive days in the 2-3 days following the call. It has been such a shift and helping take steps closer and closer to living the truth of my truths.

            ~With Gratitude, Jacqueline Seeley, USA/Casablanca, Morocco


I felt understood and never judged. Nadege was very professional and centered, which allowed me to be in my center too. I felt more and more free to talk about what is a very personal part of myself and even details I was a bit ashamed of. She made me feel the master of myself and made me understand that I could decide to change my life for the better. She led me to find new ideas to be happier and how to implement them. She helped me find the strength to be more disciplined to achieve my goals. I got the encouragement I needed and it made me felt anything is possible, if I let it be. New doors opened up through this experience. Thank you!  

Sarah, Musician and Singer, Lyon, France


Nadege is very supportive and she feels non-judgemental. Especially the fact that she doesn’t judge makes you feel comfortable and allows you to open up. I was surprised to discover some of the things that came up during our talks. I really understood the importance of self-love and she helped me shift to a more positive thinking. I’m feeling more grounded, more connected to myself and that I can start making decisions from the heart instead of the mind.

Menieke, Yoga Teacher, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Nanou listens without judgement and that has helped me because I was able to express properly what is not working for me and how I needed help. It allowed me to be more vulnerable with my coach and that’s how I can get the best help. There was so much love and compassion in our conversations, I felt very supported, seen, understood. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and she helped me break it down into more achievable tasks. I feel truly empowered and inspired!

*Heba, Business Coach, Essential oils lover, Melbourne, Australia


I felt very comfortable being open and honest about my frustrations and challenges because it was clear that I was not being judged, but that my problems had meaning because they were important to me.  Nanou helped me feel like I had power to control my circumstances. She was completely professional while maintaining a high level of care and concern for me. I learned a lot about myself, it expanded my thinking, I am less fearful of the unknown and more open to new opportunities. I found a greater sense of direction and inspiration. I believe I can do it! I’m so happy I did coaching with her!

* Carolyn, Educator, USA/Kigali, Rwanda

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