My Top 9 Cafés around the World

As you may have gathered by now, I love travelling. So, here is a list of my favourite cafés around the world, in no particular order. Best teas, cakes, vegan/vegetarian, organic and comfort food for you to find on the road.


1. Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Melbourne, Australia

Hopetoun Tea Rooms (Medium)

Set up in the late 19th-century Block Arcade, it is one of my favourite spots in Melbourne. They serve the best cakes and some of them are gluten-free. It’s very easy to spend the whole afternoon there! It is very popular so there is often a line, so get in early and enjoy!


2. Via Via, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

via via jogjakarta (Medium)

Locally-grown organic food, great for vegetarians, Indonesian and world cuisine, organic coffee and they make their own bread. The food is non-GMO, the vegetables are washed in boiled  water and ice cubes are made of boiled water too. Part of your money goes to support local social, cultural and ecological projects. They also organise tours to sustain local communities and activities such as yoga. They also rent rooms. Via Via is a franchise and you can find sister cafés in Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.


3. Det Grønne Kjøkken (The Green Kitchen), Oslo, Norway

Green Kitchen (Medium)

A lot of organic and vegetarian options to be enjoyed in a lovely atmosphere. The goat cheese salad is my favourite! Delicious organic coffee, home-made cheesecakes and orange juice. The owner is very friendly too; you will easily spend hours there and forget about time…Best for breakfast, brunch or lunch as it closes at 6.00pm.


4. Otra Cosa, Huanchaco, Peru

otra-cosa (Medium)

The only all-organic, all-vegetarian option in this small beach village. The owners are very friendly and will adapt the menu for you, if you ask. The falafel and the burritos are divine! They provide each day a different and cheap menu del dia. At Otra Cosa, you can also find a wide selection of home-made teas, the best apple pie, a book exchange, tourist information and acupressure massage! A lovely place to hang out by the sea and to meet people.


5. Ethos, Bangkok, Thailand

Ethos Bangkok (Medium)

A great spot to try delicious home-made treats in a relaxed atmosphere! No refined sugar, no MSG, no GMO are used and the rice is 100% organic. Thai, Indian, Eastern and Western food is served and it is all vegetarian/vegan. They also serve their home-fermented tempeh, kombucha and kefir. If you are interested, they can connect you with permaculture and other organic agriculture projects in Thailand.


6. Connecting Hands Café, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

connecting hands (Medium)

Connecting Hands is a not for profit organisation that aims at rehabilitating young women and empowering them with skills to work in the hospitality industry. Fresh and tasteful food with vegetarian options available. The vegetable rolls and the smoothies are delicious and the staff extremely friendly.


7. Bar do Mineiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


A popular local and typical bar located in the lively neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. Come and mingle with the locals while drinking caipirinhas and savouring a delicious feijoada. They offer a prato do dia and only a couple of vegetarian options. The atmosphere is quirky and the staff friendly. Best place to experience the local culture and flavours.


8. L’Autre Salon de Thé, Toulouse, France


As you have guessed by now, I am a huge cake fan…This little café is a cozy place to have brunch or to enjoy a delicious and huge slice of cake in the afternoon. Ideal to catch up with friends or rest up after shopping while trying a wide selection of teas from all the world. The only drawback is that the staff is not particularly friendly but the yumminess of the cakes make up for it.


9. Friends of mine, Melbourne, Australia

Friends of mine

Definitely one of my favourite cafés! A perfect place for brunch or to take time out in the afternoon. They offer home-made bread, free-range eggs, organic, local food, and the bacon also comes from local free-range piggies. It is a very popular spot so it is better to book ahead.


Where do you live? What are your favourite cafés?


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