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Hello lovely ones!

I hope you all had lovely holidays. Recently, something amazing happened to me and I wanted to share it with you. I attended a group meditation and healing during which I experienced Power shaking meditation for the first time. It felt so marvellous that I recommend you to try it.

What is it?

Power shaking meditation (also called bio-energy meditation or dynamic meditation) is a deep spiritual and healing practice that can help you awaken and strengthen your own power to heal your body. Everyone is encouraged to tap into their own innate energy, their own intelligence to heal.

Why try it?

The aim of shaking is to clear and release blocks that cause dis-ease. While shaking, you may hit a place of resistance or a block. Through the shaking, blocks of energy causing the dis-ease are brought to the surface in order to heal.  You must then process it and upon releasing the block(s), the body naturally shifts to a higher vibration. This process may manifest as spontaneous emotional release, laughter, cough, shout or ecstatic movement as these energies clear and leave the body. It is during these types of releases that we heal ourselves on a deep level.

How to do it?

All you have to do is shake and let go; there is no holding back. There is no right way of shaking; everybody is different and the energy moves in the body differently for each of us. I was told to just shake my body to get rid of all the things I did not want anymore. The teacher said that we didn’t have to follow the music as shaking meditation is not dancing. When you dance you still exercise control over your body. In shaking meditation, you completely surrender. Your body shakes in any way it wants and it is such a wonderful, strong and relieving feeling. It feels so good!

Shaking Medicine reintroduces the oldest medicine on earth–the ecstatic shaking of the human body. Most people’s worst fear is losing control–of their circumstances, of their emotions, and especially of their bodies. Yet in order to achieve the transcendent state necessary to experience deep healing, we must surrender control. Examining cultural traditions from around the world where shaking has been used as a form of healing–from the Shakers and Quakers of New England to the shaking medicine of Japan, India, the Caribbean, the Kalahari, and the Indian Shakers of the Pacific Northwest show how shaking can bring forth profound therapeutic benefits.” Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. and shaman.

What you may experience

When we tune into the connection with the energy, the body ‘remembers’ it and the energy then begins to move us. It sort of feels like heat in the body. You may also experience a feeling of electricity or fire inside. It also feels like connecting with your soul, your True Self or Higher Self.

Ratu Bagus, a Balinese spiritual master and healer teaches that greater understanding of ourselves happens not with the mind but when we allow the energy to connect with a much deeper part of ourselves – through our own experience. Then, transformation happens spontaneously, removing all blocks that prevent us from achieving our highest potential.

This deep and powerful experience is extremely liberating. It enabled me to clear the chatter in my mind, and allowed me to just feel and not think. Power shaking meditation helped me release blocks in my physical body and heal on a deep level. You forget about everything and you are in the moment. You completely let go and allow profound sensations to surface and deep changes to occur.  I still felt incredible in the following days and it was so extraordinary that I kept practising at home!

Have a go!

If you are interested, all you have to do is open your heart, let go, shake and allow the magic of healing to happen. You can use the music below as it will help you get into the groove. You do not have to shake for the whole duration; 15-20 minutes are excellent to give you an idea of how it feels. You will also find below a video with instructions to help you get started.


Do not worry about the image, just enjoy the music!


This video contains instructions if you need some more guidance. The instructions illustrate the Osho active meditation practice. What we did in the group was slightly different; for example, we did not have to keep our mouth closed and we did not follow a specific breathing pattern. We also did not stop when someone shouted ‘STOP’. We just kept going until the music ended. Afterwards, we did not have to freeze and dance as a celebration. We just stopped and observed how we were feeling. In the end, what truly matters is that you just let go and shake in whatever way your body wants to.


Happy shaking!

Have you experienced Power Shaking before? I would love to hear about your experiences!



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