Private Yoga Session

You decided to start yoga and made it to a few classes? Good on you!

But something does not  feel quite right…Maybe you feel uncomfortable with the pace of the class, the group moves through poses that your body is just not ready for yet. You feel out of sync with the yoga level of others around you.

Maybe you’re really excited about progressing with a particular pose, but you don’t know what adjustments to make. You wish you could pause the class, and ask what to do when you feel certain sensations, before the group progresses to the next stage. Does it sound like you?

If you feel shy or afraid of joining a mainstream yoga class and if you want 100% of the teacher’s attention, this is for you. I personalise the class to your needs, abilities, interests and goals, may they be flexibility, strength, deeper self-awareness or a deeper understanding of yoga and its philosophy.

Private yoga sessions can also be the extra push you need to take your yoga practice to a more advanced level.

Tell me what you want to achieve and we will do it together with a gentle Hatha Yoga approach. This is all about you and for you!

  • 60 or 90-minute class available including pranayama (breath work), yoga asanas (poses), relaxation and meditation.
  • We make it fit in your schedule rather than organising your day around the yoga studio’s timetable.
  • Available in Melbourne inner Eastern suburbs.
  • Contact me nanou[at]theboxofhappiness[dot]com for more information, class duration and rates.


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