A Yoga Sequence for Your Root Chakra

Yoga sequence for your root chakra

Here is the yoga sequence for your root chakra. This is the first post in a series of yoga sequences for the chakras.

The root chakra, Muladhara, is associated with the feeling of grounding, basic needs, survival, safety and security. Mula means “root” and Adhara, means “support” or “base.” Developping trust and an intense sense of emotional security is the task of this chakra.

It is the first chakra located at the base of the spine, at the perineum.

Its element is earth (hence the grounding) and the corresponding endocrine gland is the adrenals.

Its colour is red and its mantra is LAM.

Yoga sequence for your root chakra

The ruler of the root chakra is Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, remover of obstacles.

The animal totem of this chakra is the elephant, which is an animal of profound wisdom, always searching for food for the body and for the mind.


Why balance the root chakra?

Because it helps you be grounded within yourself, feel safe and connected to your roots. If you are working on awakening and raising your kundalini, it also sets the right and so important foundation for opening and activating the above chakras.

When the root chakra is unbalanced or blocked, you may experience:

  • addictive behaviour
  • avoidance of intimacy
  • a lack of self-worth
  • a hostile relationship to the world

When the root chakra is balanced or unblocked, you may:

  • allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • ask what you can learn from adversity
  • value yourself
  • accept yourself as a whole


Affirmations for your root chakra could be

  • I am grounded
  • I am safe
  • I am steady and strong
  • I have the right to be here
  • I am exactly where I need to be
  • I have enough and I am enough
  • I ground myself with the ease of my breath


Mudra for the root chakra

mudra root chakra


Gyan Mudra
Bring the tip of the index finger to the the tip of the thumb.
Rest your hands on your knees during the ‘tree meditation’ meditation outlined below.

To learn more about mudras and how you can use them for healing, read the post on ‘Mudras for Healing and Transformation’.


Essential oils for Muladhara

  •  frankincense
  • patchouli
  • myrr
  • cedarwood


A meditation for your root chakra

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with your spine straight, or lie down in Savasana, Corpse Pose.

Take a few deep breaths through the nose to ground yourself and to start calming the mind.
Feel your sit bones on the ground and the connection with it. Know that you are supported.

Imagine roots growing from your root chakra into the Earth. Imagine the roots digging deep towards the centre of the Earth. Take your time, stay connected to your breath and keep the spine lengthened.

Keep breathing steadily and enjoy that feeling of groundedness. You can also visualise the roots of the tree below expanding in the Earth.

Even better if you can do this meditation in nature, as you will receive even more earth energy.

Yoga sequence for your root chakra


Journaling prompts to support your Muladhara

  • What keeps me grounded?
  • What makes me feel secure?
  • What nourishes me?
  • What am I afraid of people knowing about me?
  • If I felt secure and grounded within myself, I would….
  • If I knew I wouldn’t fail, I would…


Music for the root chakra

You can use it during the meditation, journaling and/or the yoga sequence.


A Yoga Sequence for your root chakra

Here are 7 poses to help you ground yourself and balance your Muladhara. Don’t forget to warm up before the sequence and allow a few minutes in Savasana after the sequence. This will help you rest and allow your body to integrate the efforts of your practice.

Yoga Sequence for your Root Chakra (click to access the pdf)

Yoga sequence for your root chakra

What are your favourite asanas to balance your root chakra and to feel grounded? How did you feel after this sequence?

Share your thoughts and sensations in the comments.


Continue to balance your chakras

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