A Yoga Sequence for Your Sacral Chakra

yoga sequence sacral chakra

Here is a yoga sequence for your sacral chakra. This is the second post in a series of yoga sequences for the chakras.

The sacral chakra, Svadhishthana, the ‘dwelling place of the self’ is associated with relationships, creativity, desires, sensuality and sexuality. Creative and procreative generativity is the task of this chakra.

It is the second chakra located in the pelvic area, near the genitals, 3 inches (around 7.5cm) below the navel.

Its element is water and the corresponding endocrine gland is the gonads (ovaries and testes).

Its colour is orange and its mantra is VAM.


The ruler of this chakra is the moon. The moon influences the tides and as the water is the element of the sacral chakra, it also affects the human emotions.

The animal totem of this chakra is the crocodile. A wild animal moving in a serpentine (somewhat sensual) way, floating mostly below the surface of the water and tricking its preys.


Unbalanced Sacral chakra

An unbalanced Svadhishthana can result in:

  • exhibitionism
  • extreme will to control things, people, events
  • sexual promiscuity
  • shame of the body, self, or sexuality
  • wild behaviour
  • shallow relationships
  • feeling inadequate
  • dependency
  • being controlled by your emotions

Balanced Sacral chakra

When Svadhishthana is balanced, you feel:

  • genuine intimacy
  • empathy towards others
  • generosity, willingness to share
  • creative and inspired
  • mutually empowering and harmonious relationships
  • pleasure
  • in touch with your emotions
  • you go with the flow


Affirmations to balance the Sacral chakra could be

  • I feel inspired and joyful
  • I am whole and complete
  • I unlock my creative potential
  • I am flowing with creative ideas
  • I deserve pleasure in my life
  • My sexuality is sacred
  • I nurture myself and others


Mudra for the sacral chakra

Dhyani Mudra:

Rest your right hand on top of your left hand, thumbs are touching.

To learn more about mudras and how you can use them for healing, read the post on ‘Mudras for Healing and Transformation’.


Essential oils for the sacral chakra

  • orange
  • ylang ylang
  • sandalwood
  • cardamon


A meditation for your sacral chakra

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with your spine straight, or lie down in Savasana, Corpse Pose.

Take a few deep breaths through the nose to center yourself and to start calming the mind.

Bring your awareness to pelvic area and imagine a ball of bright orange light there. Keep breathing deeply and steadily through the nose. Visualise the ball of orange light growing, expanding and strengthening with each inhale.

You may feel the orange energy swirling clockwise and you may experience warmth or tingling in the pelvis and/or lower back. Keep breathing. Maintain your awareness on the energy and keep working on expanding it, for as long as you can.

When you wish to come out of the meditation, give gratitude for the experience and resume your day.

sacral chakra meditation yoga sequence


Journaling prompts to support your Svadhishthana

  • What do I value in my relationships?
  • What emotion do I primarily feel?
  • What is my favourite way of expressing myself creatively? How can I bring more of that into my life?
  • How can I honour my sexuality?
  • I feel beautiful when…
  • I feel inspired when…


Music for Svadhishthana

You can use it during the meditation, journaling and/or the yoga sequence.


A Yoga Sequence for your sacral chakra

Here are 7 poses to help you ignite your creativity, connect with your emotions and balance your Svadhishthana. Don’t forget to warm up before the sequence and allow a few minutes in Savasana (Corpse Pose) after the sequence. This will help you rest and allow your body to integrate the efforts of your practice.


Note: We store a lot of emotions in the hips and pelvic area. When we practise hip opening postures, it’s very common to feel emotional or vulnerable, as you release these built-up emotions. If that’s the case, take it easy, have a good cry if you need to and rest in Child pose (Balasana) for as long as you need).

Yoga for Your Sacral Chakra (click to access the pdf)

yoga sequence sacral chakra

What are your favourite hip opening asanas to balance your sacral chakra? How did you feel after this sequence?

Share your thoughts and sensations in the comments. I love hearing from you!


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