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Affirmations are a self-talked statement aiming at impressing positivity on your subconscious mind before it becomes a natural behaviour. They can be a very powerful tool in helping you transform your life.

Remember that affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more  you repeat them, the more they will impact on your reality. Consistency breeds results!

Practice these affirmations for happiness at least twice a day (upon waking up, and before going to sleep) for 30 consecutive days.  In addition, whenever you experience happiness during the day, say the affirmation out loud. This reinforces the affirmation even more because instead of just affirming, you are also experiencing proof of that you are happy. This makes it more believable to your brain. Write them down on a note and make them visible in your home: on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, by your bedside, in a cute frame in your living room…

Before you start

1) Take three deep breaths through the nose.

2) Choose the affirmation(s) that resonates the most within you. You can use a couple of them simultaneously.

3) If you don’t quite feel it, you are welcome to add words and make it more personal by adapting it to your life situation.

4) Say it/them often, with faith and while sending love to your heart.

Have fun and let the magic happen!


Affirmations for Happiness

  • I choose to be happy.
  • I spring out of bed with joy and excitement.
  • I am me. I am unique, special, loving and compassionate. I allow the true me to simply be.
  • I am excited about the new day and look forward to new experiences.
  • I am kind and helpful to strangers.
  • Happiness is everywhere I choose to see it, in the wag of a dogs tail, in the laugh of a child, in the bloom of a flower.
  • My happiness draws an overwhelming amount of blessings into my life.
  • I release all negativity and hold joy in my heart.
  • I am confident.
  • I am overcome with gratitude for the bliss that fills my life.
  • Happy thoughts bring happy things.
  • I smile and my life lightens.
  • Everyday in every way I am getting happier and happier.
  • Being happy comes from within and not from external things.
  • I am happy to be alive.
  • I create the happiness in my life.
  • I feel happy naturally and easily.
  • I radiate love and happiness.
  • I gratefully accept all the health and happiness that the universe pours into me.
  • I am already healed, happy, healthy, loved, physically and emotionally well.
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I trust my intuition and I honour it.
  • Every atom of my being is resonating with joy and happiness now.
  • I am happy and grateful for everything I have and receive daily.


Affirmations for the chakras

Muladhara or Root Chakra

  • I am grounded
  • I am safe
  • I am steady and strong
  • I love and accept myself as I am
  • I release all fears and worries
  • I am exactly where I need to be
  • I ground myself with the ease of my breath


Svadhishthana or Sacral Chakra

  • I feel inspired and joyful
  • I am whole and complete
  • I unlock my creative potential
  • I am flowing with creative ideas
  • I deserve pleasure in my life
  • My sexuality is sacred
  • I nurture myself and others


Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra

  • I am empowered and courageous
  • I am worthy of success/happiness/love…
  • I take responsibility for my actions, choices, thoughts and feelings
  • I allow myself to shine
  • I am more than enough
  • I trust and believe in myself- I am confident
  • I allow life energy to travel through me and support me


Anahata or Heart Chakra

  • I love and accept myself fully
  • I am grateful
  • I am loved and loving
  • I feel compassion and empathy for all beings
  • I forgive myself and others
  • I let go of resentment and grudges
  • I love


Vishuddha or Throat Chakra

  • I speak from the heart
  • I express myself honestly and authentically
  • I deserve to be heard
  • I speak up for myself
  • I use my voice kindly and thoughtfully
  • I communicate clearly, effectively and with ease
  • I speak my truth


Ajna or Third Eye Chakra

  • I trust and honour my intuition
  • I see my true self
  • I am connected to my inner knowing
  • My intuition and instincts guide me every day
  • My mind is open to new vision
  • I expand my awareness
  • I am connected to my Higher Self


Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

  • I receive divine guidance
  • My connection to source is clear and powerful
  • I am one with the Universe
  • Divine/sacred/universal energy flows in and through me
  • I live my divine purpose
  • I am a being of love and light
  • I open to enlightenment

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