Give Yourself Permission

Art by Lou Niestadt


Living your life waiting for others’ approval is going to keep you small. Living your life expecting others to understand your choices and decisions will keep you feeling miserable. Living your life looking for a permission to be given to you is a waste of your precious time.

YOU are in the driver’s seat of your own life, darling heart. So, just take it. Just GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to do whatever you need to do.


Today, I will understand that I hold the key to my freedom. I will stop participating in my oppression and victimization. I will take responsibility for myself, and let others do as they may. ― Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go


Only you can give it to yourself.
Only you can withhold it.
It’s not about deserving or being good enough. It’s about recognising your power over your entire life and claiming it.
The permission is already yours…

Give yourself permission
To walk away
To sleep in
To say ‘no’ if you don’t want to
To not respond right away.

Give yourself permission
To feel whatever it is you need to feel
To pause
To linger in the breath
To change your mind.

Give yourself permission
To let go
To be happy
To do what you’ve never done before
To give yourself what you need.

Give yourself permission
To tell yourself the truth
To listen to your intuition
To do what brings you joy
To put yourself first.

Give yourself permission
To live your life
To be yourself
To treat yourself
To claim fiercely what you want.

Give yourself permission
To stop playing small
And to dream big
To be all that you are
And to step into your power.

Start here: just give yourself permission.

What are you giving yourself permission to today?

Much love,

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