How to Keep up Your Yoga Practice While Travelling

How to keep up your yoga practice while travelling

I have been travelling for the last 8 months around South America. It has sometimes been challenging to maintain my yoga practice due to locations or long time spent on transports and I was busy discovering the area.

Here is some advice that helped me and that could help you maintain yours while on the road.

Finding the right spot

Depending on the hostel you are staying at, it can be difficult to find a peaceful area to roll out your mat. It is better to find a hostel that has a rooftop terrace, a garden or that is near the beach. If they offer yoga classes, they are more likely to have a yoga shala. But do not let the lack of space deter you from practising; wherever your mat fits, you can practise. Try to find a quiet spot in an airport when you have a long layover. It can be scary to practise in public places but it can also be a great tool in helping you focus on yourself. I always take with me a little Buddha and some incense in order to create a harmonious space in which to practise.

Online classes

The wifi can be pretty bad in some places or even non-existent but online yoga classes offer a great support. Try downloading them before hitting the road so that you have a bunch ready to watch, regardless of the internet connection. This can really help maintain your yoga practice and motivation.

Taking classes

Depending on where you travel, you will find yoga classes nearby. Taking classes here and there is a great way of discovering new styles of yoga, new teachers and receiving adjustments and tips.

Keeping your motivation

It can be hard to find the motivation and the self-discipline to continue your practice in an always-changing environment. Remember that you do not need to do an hour every day. All you need is the will power to get onto your mat and practise according to your inner-guidance. And even if you skip a day, do not feel guilty. You are travelling to enjoy life and the world so practise gratitude that day!

Music and mantras

Download meditation music and mantras before you go. You may not be able to practise asanas on a 17-hour bus ride but you are able to meditate. Listening to calming music or mantras will help you get in the mood.

Be mindful

I find travelling very valuable in developing mindfulness. I find it easier to be present while looking at the landscape through the window on a train or a bus ride, and while marvelling at sites. Travelling also encourages you to take your practice outdoors. Take every opportunity to practise outside on the beach, in a park or on top of a mountain. Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

Try Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless service. As a traveller you have plenty of time on your hands, so donate some of it by volunteering in a local project, a school or a centre for homeless children. You will feel very good about yourself for helping out and it will assist you in progressing your spiritual life.


Pranayama can be done anywhere at anytime. No excuses for this one! Remember though that it is best to practise pranayama first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


How do you maintain your yoga practice while travelling? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.



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