Let’s have a creative weekend

Not everyone is Mozart or Picasso but everybody is creative. And guess what? Creating or tending things by hand enhances mental health and makes us happy! Hand activity from knitting to drowing vegetables releases stress, diminishes anxiety and will help your mind rest. Creativity also develops problem solving ability. The bonus is that you will be so happy and proud of yourself for creating something! So if you have a creative project that you keep postponing, get onto it today! If you have a whole bunch of threads, ribbons, coloured papers, cute little things, fabrics and buttons laying around your house, recycle them into your creative endeavour of the weekend. Here are a few ideas if you need some inspiration.

  • Create colourful notesWrite your favourite quotes or inspiring words on coloured post-it notes. Seeing them often will have a strong impact on your conscious mind and will attract your inspiring words in your life.



  • Make a notebook  You can use all kinds of paper, some card board, sew them together and decorate the covers with your favourites felt, stickers, or drawings. The one on the photo is the first one I made and it was pretty easy!


  • Make a pin board Use your favourites decorative little thingies, such as cards, photos, images, ribbons, broaches, beads and so on. It will brighten any area in your living space.


  • Decorate your walls
    All you need is some threads or a little bit of whool, big or small pegs or paper clips and your favourite cards, images or travel photos!

    decorate your walls

  • Get a new lampshade without buying oneYou can use foreign newspapers (I love using Chinese newspapers), bits and pieces of different fabrics, old scarves, ribbons, buttons, and beads or pendents to hang at the bottom.


  • Recycle your buttons
    There are a million ways of re-using your buttons! You can make lovely bracelets, necklaces,  cute designs in a frame and even flowers! If you don’t have any but want to develop your creativity using buttons, you can find huge bags full of buttons of different sizes and colours in $2 shops.

    recycled buttonsbutton flowers

What are you going to create this weekend? Share your ideas here! Have a fun and happy weekend!

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