You will receive my undivided attention, top skills, deepest love and best advice to support you on your wellbeing journey. I can’t wait to help you become the best and happiest version of yourself!


Private Yoga Session

You decided to start yoga and made it to a few classes? Good on you!

But something does not  feel quite right…[Read more]


Private Meditation Session

This is for you if you wish to establish or develop your meditation practice. I personalise the class to your needs, preferences and goals. We go at your own pace and we explore mindfulness and several meditation techniques to… [Read more]


Corporate Yoga and/or Mindfulness Meditation in Melbourne

Bring the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to your employees directly to their workplace. We will tailor a program and progression to best fit the needs of your team. Participants have reported increased wellbeing, better concentration, less stress and less absenteism.

Contact  nanou[at]theboxofhappiness[dot]com for enquiries.


Inner Journey Sessions

I serve wisdom and truth seekers who want to access their true self within.

I help you find your own answers and know yourself better so that you can experience the personal and spiritual growth that you desire…[Read more]


Reiki Healing Treatment

This is for you if you wish to work on healing a particular issue, balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, or if you simply want to experience deep relaxation. Reiki is a powerful energetic healing technique…[Read more]


Guest and Sponsored Blog Posts

You can see below examples of my guest posts:

Please get in touch nanou[at]theboxofhappiness[dot]com to discuss how we can collaborate.


Guest Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

You can book me for your event and I will happily discuss:

  • Meditation and mindfulness in everyday life for wellbeing
  • Yoga benefits and philosophy
  • Personal development topics such as dealing with emotions, self-care, life purpose, mindset, manifestation, goal setting and achieving

Contact me nanou[at]theboxofhappiness[dot]com

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